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Maracana Pizza

Using my web design and marketing skills, I was able to not only sell a professional website to the pizzeria, but also handle all of their communication needs, including designing their business cards and logo. This comprehensive approach helped to ensure a cohesive brand identity across all platforms, ultimately resulting in increased visibility and revenue for the pizzeria.


Maracana Pizza

The skills I learned in school helped me approach a local pizzeria for a potential partnership. With my marketing and communication background, I crafted a compelling pitch that showcased how a partnership could be mutually beneficial. My ability to articulate my vision and build strong relationships played a key role in securing this exciting opportunity.


My aim was to boost Pizza Maracana’s communication. I developed a marketing strategy that included social media, email marketing, and website optimization. As a result, the brand’s visibility increased, and sales and revenue grew.


To boost Pizza Maracana’s communication, I took a comprehensive approach that included analyzing the brand’s current situation, identifying key areas for improvement, and implementing tactics such as social media marketing. I was able to enhance the brand’s visibility and ultimately increase sales and revenue.


As a result of the marketing strategy I implemented for Pizza Maracana, the brand experienced significant improvements in its communication and sales. The increased visibility and engagement on social media platforms helped to build a loyal community of customers who shared their positive experiences with others. The email campaigns helped to keep the customers informed about new products, deals, and promotions, resulting in a higher customer retention rate.

Let’s Build Something

I am actively seeking employment opportunities and would be excited to contribute my skills and experience to a new role.

 Malik Bendaho



Malik Bendaho-décembre 09, 2023